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About enterprise Dekor, PP


Private enterprise "decor" in the market for 10 years.

Our company is engaged in wood processing and construction in 1996. The products are made from environmentally friendly wood on high-precision machine tools, and meets European standards. Exports its wooden houses manufactured by our company.


 The main activity of the company is:

• production and designs of laminated veneer lumber profilirovannoho;

• Standard and customized design;

• manufacture laminated veneer lumber and molded products of the highest quality modern equipment;

• Wood bend- large-supporting structures;

• furniture.


We built a lot of traditional wooden buildings, wooden restaurants, pools, pavilions, playgrounds wooden stairs to exclusive buildings with wooden laminated board using traditional wood species for our country great span wooden beams overlap:

• We can receive the highest quality products in the shortest time order;

• We combine modern technology and ancient traditions and create a nice comfortable home practical for our customers!


Why wooden houses?


In a wooden house air is always fresh and clean, because the amazing properties of wood allow the house to "breathe" in the truest sense of the word.

For insulation properties wooden wall several times the bricks of the same thickness. Brick wall thickness of 510 mm (two bricks) has almost the same thermal conductivity as the wall of a wooden beam thickness of 100 mm. It follows that heating costs in a wooden house in the cold season below. And on hot summer days in a house opposite cool, so no need to install air conditioning system. Combining the strength of wooden walls and a small specific weight saves on the cost of the foundation.

The most high-quality wall material - a glulam in a different section. For bonding timber slats best use polyurethane adhesive. It is absolutely safe and environmentally friendly material, no formaldehyde. Profile of our timber enables reliable communication crowns. The house is built of laminated veneer lumber is very good, durable and virtually no shrinkage.

Our highly qualified experts will help you from creating your future building project to commissioning.

The company has a staff of qualified planners who advise and help you come to a customer desired project workers with experience building abroad and build your house on the highest professional level.

We can be proud of all our implemented projects as a decade of experience with Beams, compliance with all technological standards in manufacturing and the construction site and attentive to detail allows us to speak with confidence not only of the quality of materials, but also the high level of our Company. We guarantee a quality end product, whether it is a house, mansion, bath.

We will realize all your wishes and dreams! We provide construction anywhere in Ukraine.

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Employeesfrom 10 below 50
Legal form of organizationПриватне пiдприємство


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